AAA - US Save by Dr. Dumi Presuma

An elderly male presents with back pain thought to be 2/2 musculoskeletal strain.

CTA confirmed AAA. Vascular surgery consulted, operative repair performed and patient did well! Great Save!



  • 52 yo M with DM, HTN presents with abdominal pain for one day.

  • The pain is constant, fluctuating in intensity, sharp, diffuse, radiating to his chest. Denies chest pain, N/V

  • HR: 75, BP: 139/77, RR: 18, T: 36.7 C, SpO2: 96% ORA

  • EKG & CXR: normal

Dx: Aortic Dissection extending from below left subclavian to right external iliac.

  • Labetalol and Nicardipine drip initiated.

  • Admitted to Vascular Surgery Ă  TEVAR for thoracic descending aortic aneurysm.


  • Emergency US is 92-100% sensitive in diagnosing a AAA but it is can also aid in the diagnosis of other aortic pathology such as an aortic dissection.

  • Using the parasternal long axis view is important in assessing RV strain, global ventricular function, and pericardial effusion. It also allows you to identify aortic .pathology in both the ascending aortic root and the descending thoracic aorta.

  • Make sure your depth is sufficient to see this important structure deep to the heart!