• In this rotation, PGY2 residents will advance their knowledge of point-of-care ultrasound.


(a) Passing the PGY1 EUS Rotation.

(b) Completion of 150 scans (logged in New Innovations) in the PGY1 year.

(c) Advanced EUS Workshop (4 hours).


  • As a result of this rotation, PGY2 residents will be able to:

• Demonstrate knowledge of advanced knobology on a standard ultrasound machine, including Doppler mode functions.

• Describe the indications for obtaining ALL 12 core applications (ACEP).

• Demonstrate acquisition and interpretation of standard views in ALL 12 core applications (ACEP).

• Demonstrate clinical management skills with POCUS in patients with undifferentiated hypotension and undifferentiated dyspnea.

• Critically evaluate current EUS literature.

• Describe the minimal imaging criteria used in the quality assurance process.

Required to Pass:

a. Completion of all EMsono modules: including DVT, Ocular, RUSH, Vascular Access. (www.emsono.com)

b. Number of scans: 12 scans/shift X 9 shifts = 108 scans. Total: Performance and archive on Q-path of a minimum of 108 scans by the last day of this rotation.

c. Demonstrated proficiency in ALL 11 core applications + HIMAP + Triple Scan. SDOT: There will be a Direct Observation Test on the first day, and the last day of the 2-week rotation. SDOT1 Applications: eFAST, Aorta, GB, Renal, Focused Cardiac. SDOT2 Applications: DVT, Ocular, Thoracic, HIMAP, Triple Scan. Grade: Fail/Competent/Master.

d. Submission of two Journal Club summaries to the MiamiEMsono website.



a. E-FAST, GB, Renal, Aorta, Pelvic, Soft Tissue/MSK, Cardiac, Ocular, GI, Thoracic, DVT: 25 scans each.

b. Protocols - RUSH/HIMAP, Triple Scan: 10 scans each. c. Procedures - 5 scans.

Scan Upload

Educational scans should be uploaded to Q-path. If positive, a note needs to be written in the chart. Direct patient care scans should be uploaded to Q-path and PACS. A note always needs to be written in the chart with macro: “Images saved in PACS.”

New Innovations

All scans should be be logged into New Innovations.


Q-path forms need to be completed on the same day as the scan. Scans will be QAed at bedside, at Sonohangout! and on-line on Q-path.


The PGY2 resident is in charge of Sonohangout! journal club.

a) The resident will select multiple articles on any EUS topic of interest. The resident will distribute this to the group by Monday 5 pm, prior to Sonohangout!.

b) QA/Q-path review: 10 scans.

Medical Student on Ultrasound Elective Orientation *Variable*

The PGY2 will be responsible for orienting the MS on US Elective on the 2nd Monday 930 to 1230 on the basics of US.

Leave of Absence policy:

      • All leave of absence will be requested in advance and granted by Dr. Freeman, Residency Program Director. No unexcused absences will be tolerated.

PGY-2 Checklist: