Ultrasound Interest Group (MS USIG)

Mission Statement

“The purpose of the Ultrasound Interest Group is to expose students to the field of ultrasound, including conducting and interpreting different relevant ultrasound exams, and its integration across multiple specialties.”


Cardiac Tamponade: US Guided Pericardiocentesis Model. Ali Yusufali

Step One: Unwrap the tofu block and set on paper towel.

Step Two: In the center of the block, create a depression approximately 1.5” deep with the ladle.

Step Three: Cut a small piece of tofu. Place this in the center of the depression

Step Four: Place the whole structure in a water bath and allow water to fill the depression.

Step Five: Cover the block with the plastic box, and turn over. Cover with plastic wrap.

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Ultrasound Student Interest Group: A Model for Active Learning & Multi-Specialty Collaboration.

Andrew DiZenzo, BA, Duyen Vo, MS and Alessandra Della Porta, BS and Leila Posaw, MD, MPH, FACEP | Jan 1, 2020


4/6-10/2019. 2019 AIUM (American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine) Convention. Orlando, Florida

a. Medical Student Ultrasound Interest Group: The Pulmonary Workshop.

Erik Anderson, BA (MD Candidate), Yuval Peleg, BA, (MD Candidate), and Leila L. PoSaw, MD, MPH

b. Medical Student Ultrasound Interest Group: The Musculoskeletal Workshop.

Grant Barker, BA (MD Candidate), Leila L. PoSaw, MD, MPH, and Robert Irwin, MD, MPH

c. Introducing Point-of-Care Ultrasound to Medical Students with a Gastrointestinal Workshop.

Sophia Raia, BA (MD Candidate), Heather L. Colucci, BA (MD Candidate), and Leila L. PoSaw, MD, MPH


A (virtual) Sono Summer - Adapting to Covid-19 Situation

  • Our first ever Sono Summer!
  • This two-part series featured a Zoom discussion led by a Jackson Health System EM Resident Physician on Ultrasound in Tropical Medicine and Global Health, and a virtual Game Night!
  • As we remain in an indefinite period of physical distancing, we will continuously allow students to engage with ultrasound concepts so they are ready for the probe!
  • These successful events have proved to us that we can teach ultrasound concepts through online resources
  • Ongoing Workshops focused on Knobology, Respiratory System, GI System + FAST Exam, and Renal System.
  • Echo Workshops in collaboration with CIG (Cardiology Interest Group).
  • Collaboration with the following interest groups:
          • Human Gross Anatomy Module
          • TIG (Trauma Interest Group)
          • CIG (Cardiology Interest Group)
          • EMSA (Emergency Medicine Student Association)
          • Vagina Monologues
          • Ob-Gyn Interest Group
          • SIGA (Student Interest Group in Anesthesiology)
          • MSIG (Medical Simulation Interest Group)

12/6/2018 . Pulmonary Workshop



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