ADULT EM Rotation: PGY-1/2/3

EUS Director: Dr. Leila PoSaw Rotation


10 scans/rotation


In their EM rotation PGY1, PGY2, PGY3 residents will learn how to acquire and interpret POCUS images, and clinically manage adult patients with POCUS.


Orientation to POCUS (1-2 day), Orientation to JMH US (2 hours).


As a result of this course PGY1, PGY2, PGY3 residents will be able to:

• Demonstrate acquisition and interpretation of standard views of the core applications (ACEP) in the adult patient.

• Describe the indications for obtaining the core applications (ACEP) in the adult patient.

• Demonstrate clinically management of the adult patient with POCUS.

Course Requirements

Number of scans A minimum of 10 scans/rotation.

Scan Upload

Educational scans get uploaded to Q-path. If positive, a note will be written in the chart.

Direct patient care scans get uploaded to Q-path and PACS.

A note will always be written in the chart with macro: “Images saved in PACS.”

New Innovations

All scans should be logged into New Innovations.


Q-path forms should to be completed on the same day as the scan for continuous feedback on Q-path. Scans will be QAed at bedside, at Sonohangout!, or on-line with email feedback.


Performance of 10 scans is strongly suggested to pass this rotation.