Pediatric EM Rotation: PGY-1/2/3

Pediatric EM Rotation Director: Dr. Sara Cortes

EUS Director: Dr. Leila PoSaw



Rotation Requirement

10 scans/rotation


In their pediatric EM rotation PGY1, PGY2, PGY3 residents will learn how to acquire and interpret POCUS images in children.


Orientation to POCUS, Orientation to JMH US (2 hours).


PGY1, PGY2, PGY3 residents will be able to:

• Demonstrate acquisition and interpretation of standard views of the core applications (ACEP) in the adult patient.

• Describe the indications for obtaining the core applications (ACEP) in the adult patient.

Course Requirements:

  1. Number of scans: A minimum of 10 scans/rotation.
  2. All educational scans are to be uploaded and reviewed on Q-path. Confirmatory scans are strongly recommended, but not required.
  3. If positive findings, a note should be written in the chart, and confirmatory imaging discussed with the attending physician treating that patient.

New Innovations

All scans should be logged into New Innovations., pediatric tab, with Dr. Cortes as supervisor. New Innovations will serve as record of completion.


Q-path forms should be completed on the same day as the scan for continuous feedback. Scans will be QAed at bedside, at Sonohangout!, or on-line with email feedback.


Performance of 10 scans is REQUIRED to pass this rotation.