UM MSM/Medical Student US Elective


This is an intensive 2-week elective (with option for 4 weeks), which will teach the senior medical student point-of-care, bedside emergency ultrasound. The medical student will gain knowledge and competency, through supervised and independent scanning with an ultrasound machine in the JMH Emergency Department, online modules, scholarly articles, image review and a final US presentation. This elective is opened to students applying into all specialties of medicine, not just emergency medicine.

Emergency Medicine SLOE’s (subspecialty SLOE) can be written based off this elective rotation for those applying to emergency medicine.

Course Design

•2 weeks duration. An additional 2 weeks may be added, with approval of the course director

•No call, no overnight shifts. Expected weekend and holidays shifts.

•No unexcused absences.

•The initial orientation on the first day cannot be missed.


• Demonstrate proficiency with basic utilization of the ultrasound machine for optimized image acquisition (ex. Probe selection, depth, gain, measurements).

• Demonstrate proficiency through proper scanning technique and image interpretation for the following basic point of care ultrasound exams: E-FAST, abdominal aorta, cardiac, hepatobiliary, renal, and soft tissue.

• Develop an understanding of advanced point of care ultrasound exams, such as ocular, pelvic/OB, DVT, airway, lung, bowel, musculoskeletal.

• Develop basic understanding of the principles of ultrasound guided procedures.

• Facilitate the learning of other student and residents within small group discussions.

• Collaborate effectively with colleagues and other healthcare professionals in the care of the patient based on the point of care ultrasound findings.


JMH ED (100%)

Participating Faculty

Emergency Department Ultrasound Faculty


Completion of Core Clerkships

Expectations / Course Details

Machines - Philips Sparq, Sonosite X-porte

Online Modules

EMSono, SUSME Textbook - Manual of Emergency and Critical Care US, Noble/Nelson

Scanning Shifts

8 total scanning shifts (per 2 weeks). Schedule is set in advance, fixed and predetermined for the student, based on faculty schedule and availability. Therefore, the length of the shifts will vary. Students will be expected to performed a minimum of 1 scan per hour.

Wednesday didactic meeting (SonoHangout)

Required, 1400-1630.


•Students will be expected to be on time to their scanning shifts.

•They will be expected to maintain a log and save images on a specified computer hard drive.

•They will be expected to wear a white coat and dress appropriately for the shift.

•They will be expected to be polite and respect patients and healthcare staff.

Scanning Proficiency

Total 50 required and optional scans.

•Required (45 scans)

      • E-FAST - 15
      • AAA - 5
      • Cardiac - 10
      • Hepatobiliary - 5
      • Renal - 5
      • Soft Tissue / Abscess – 5

•Optional (5 scans)

      • Ocular
      • Pelvic/OB
      • DVT
      • Airway
      • Lung
      • Bowel
      • Musculoskeletal

US-Guided Procedural Proficiency

•Required (5)

      • USG Peripheral IV (5)


      • Abscess I/D
      • Paracentesis

Theoretical Foundation


      • 3 EMSono Modules – Physics/Introduction, E-FAST, Cardiac
      • •EMSono/SUSME Modules – choice of 3 from the remaining Sonosim or SUSME modules per week for the remaining weeks of the rotation (3 additional modules for 2 weeks, 9 additional modules for 4 week elective)

Critical Analysis

•Presentation of one-two assigned scholarly articles at the Wednesday didactic meeting Presentation Skills

•1-2 Ultrasound Projects - determined in conjunction with the course directors.

Student Evaluation and Grading

Grading will be Pass/Fail. Students will be assessed on the following:

• Acquisition and review of required ultrasound images

• Completion of online modules

• Ultrasound Project

• Presentation of scholarly articles

• Professionalism

Visiting Students

Yes, through VSAS only, only Blocks 1-3, only EM-bound students